Tandem X3

Want something more challenging? Try the X3 Relay! This is a 2 person Technical Race and features a cylinder exchange at the halfway point. This Race is fast but demands concentration and team work. Each Team Member does one half of the course (front or back) and working together completes an X3 'Quick Change' of an air cylinder.


1st Task: Air Pak
Wearing NFPA Structural Fire Fighting Gear Competitor #1 dons the Scott X3 Air Pak. Only after the start signal is allowed to lift up the Air Pak. Shoulder straps and hip straps must be secured before running the stairs. The pack is set in a standard way for all Competitors. All straps undone and cylinder upright and facing out. All 4 straps need to be pulled and tightened after donning. No touching the Pak prior to the start.

More informations

Open Men's, Open Women’s, Over 40, Over 50 and Mixed

Canadian Firefighting Competition at the INTERSCHUTZ 2020. Fitter, Faster, Stronger!

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